Customizing Wordpress

Today, I customized Wordpress settings and plugins.
There are many kind of types and plugins, so I'm confusing to select its.

In this time, I studied how to protect viewing Activity or Member page for non-login users.
"BP Simple Private" plugin can realize it. It's very simple solution.

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I will go to Bali at the end of year!!

At least, I bought a air plane ticket that go to Bali at the end of year!
You may thought, it is almost half years later....
However, if we reserve it now, we can buy it for half-price. It's very cheap.
And, fortunately, the ticket can cancel for cheap price. It's very lucky.
I will decide sightseeing places and hotels. It's interesting for me.

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GPUDirect / DirectGMA seems interesting technology

GPUDirect and DirectGMA can transfer data through PCI-express by DMA.
This technology can realize high speed data transfer without transfer by CPU.
GPUDirect supported by NVIDIA, DirectGMA supported by AMD, those technologies are almost the same.

NVIDIA GPUDirect | NVIDIA Developer

FirePro DirectGMA Technical Overview - AMD

I think most interesting case is when using NIC on PCI-express.
A PC have two NIC interfaces(one IF is upstream / the other is downstream) and one graphics card
can some data stream gather, analysis and output realtime. It can use like a FPGA.

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